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Tips and Tricks
The main thing to focus on when creating a wallpaper is “down-scaling” your photo. When photos are digitally down-scaled you can maintain the visual clarity of the photo. If you upscale an image digitally the image is stretched and becomes blurry and pixelated.
To avoid blurry and pixelated results:
1. Use an image that is bigger than the screen you are making a wallpaper for, bigger in both width and height.
2. When you reach the cropping stage, try not to make your selection area too small. If your selection is smaller than the resolution you want, you will receive an up-scaled image.
Other things to consider:
Your wallpaper can only be as good as the photo it is created from. If your photo isn’t in focus or the brightness is dull, then your wallpaper will be out of focus and dull too.
General Tips
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